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Weighing in at….

Chamberlain has recently been gaining ounces like a champ.  He is now weighing 21 lbs.  He finally almost on the growth chart!!!  Though the growth chart changes to a different one at the age of 2, but we are enjoying this triumph.  The blenderized diet is going well, and the results are showing.  We recently went to a GI appt, and our provider was so impressed.  She was very pleased with his weight gain.  We hope to fatten this kid up some more.

C is a proud new owner of a ride-on car, courtesy of mama and dada.  We had to make pretty major modifications.  We had help though.  I would like to say a huge thank you to Steve Muse for consulting on the electrical.  Without Steve’s help, we would still be trying to figure it out.  We had to add a kill switch and the “Big Red” switch.   The Big Red enables C to power the car more easily.  It is a bigger target, easy to depress, and way easier for C to actually see it.  We then had to add a roll cage, back support, lateral support, cushioning, and a five point harness.  We got the idea from GoBabyGo.  It is a project at the University of Delaware.  It is a great project and we are so happy we could make one for C.  He really enjoys it and it provides him with mobility.  He has driven it a few times now.  One time he went off roading and was heading straight for a tree.  Good thing Dada was right there to stop him and that the speed is set to turtle!

We continue to work very hard everyday.  Chamberlain participates in PT, OT, Speech, Vision, Pool Therapy, and the Feldenkrais method.  C has been making some great progress with making choices.  We are trialing a NovaChat.  It is a device to provide C with a way to communicate with us better.  We have been focusing on More and All Done.  He understands those concepts really well.  He has to work extremely hard to make an accurate choice though.  He likes to swat at the device, and we are trying to get him to do it in a more controlled manner.  We have also added toys, activities, and people to his device.  We are working hard to give him a way to communicate.  It is very important for him to have a way to communicate his needs and wants.  C has been a giggle monster lately.  We love hearing that laugh.  He also seems more aware of others and has been attending visually better to people and objects.

C will be 2 very soon.  We will be celebrating with a small party and some CAKE.


Here is a link to a video of C driving:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/6gr3nt7tciyodt6/20140608_112841.mp4


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