Monthly Archives: September 2013

CP, DAFOs, and GI. Oh My

C has had quite a busy month.  Sometimes it feels like we need a translator.  We recently went to the Rehab clinic and they diagnosed C with Cerebral Palsy (CP).  Which is something we have been asking for because it really opens the door up regarding insurance coverage and services.  They also prescribed DAFOs which are braces for his ankles.  DAFO means Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthoses, and you can say it like dayfo or dafo.  And finally, we saw GI, Gastroenterology.  Right now, we are not expecting to get any sort of tube (feeding tube),  which is wonderful, and we will continue Operation Fatten C Up, or OFCU!  He needs to gain weight.  We continue to work very hard on getting him to eat and drink all he should daily.