Monthly Archives: October 2014

Mega Update

It has been quite a while since we have provided an update.  So I am going to give this the scientifically inspired name, Mega Update.

The family, all six of us, went on vacation back in August to Lake Michigan.  All six means we are expecting.  Chamberlain will be a big brother in early March.  Vacation had a few bumps.  Chamberlain was vomiting most of the trip.  I was trying to feel less nauseous, but not super successful.  So we did have some challenges.  The drive was long.  This was our first driving vacation.  We stayed in a town called Traverse City.  Lots of food and beer (for Jeff).  We enjoyed the scenario and taking lots of walks.  We even took a family bike ride (dogs and kid in a buggy).

Once we returned home the craziness began.  Chamberlain began preschool at CCVI in Kansas City.  CCVI, Children’s Center for the Visually Impaired, is really an awesome school for Chamberlain to attend.  They address all his needs.  C get’s PT, OT, and Speech.  He also gets to be part of a wonderful classroom with other children with visual impairments and sighted peers.  He really seems to like it a lot, and of course he has captured his teacher’s and therapist’s hearts.  We trek up there twice a week.  The other days of the week are either daycare or appointments.  We are very busy with this new schedule.

C has made some great gains with is head control since moving up classrooms at daycare.  And he has made even more progress since starting preschool.  We have ordered him a gait trainer.  A gait trainer is something akin to a walker for babies, however it addresses his need for support and it grows with him.  C tried out this gait trainer at a recent appointment, and he did exceptional it in.  He was weight bearing for a great deal of the time and he even moved it forward.  Our hopes are once he figures out he can move his body (with assistance) he will be more motivated to do so.  Other things he has been doing more or started doing lately: laughing a lot, more interest in different and new toys, more visual attending, and gaining more weight.  We will continue to work and do everything we can to help Chamberlain progress more.

I would love to report that he is still seizure free, but unfortunately he has started to have new and different seizures then before.  We almost hit the year mark of being seizure free.  So now we will adjust meds and try to find the combo that stops these.  Seizures are very scary!!!!

As we go into the cold and flu season, we are trying to keep C well.  Last year was rough for him and being sick.  We haven’t had a great start.  It seems like the viral bugs have been out and about.  This year though, we have his breathing regime to help clear out the excess mucous.  This regime has really helped C.  So here’s hoping we can all stay healthy this season.

And finally please enjoy some cute pics from this summer including vacation, preschool, and our recent trip to the Pumpkin Patch.  C absolutely loved the hay ride, he talked the whole ride to and from the pumpkin patch.