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Goodbye 2013! Hello 2014??

2013 was a hard year in a lot of ways: diagnosis, seizures, Seattle, surgery, and more.  On New Years Eve, Jeff turned to me and said “I know 2013 was tough, but we have each other and will always.”  So as hard as 2013 was, we still have a wonderful family and are lucky in so many ways.  So, we are hoping 2014 will be easier but if not, then we always have each other and in the end that is all that truly matters.

2014 hasn’t lived up to all its glimmery hope so far.  But we aren’t even a month in, so the jury is still out.  I foresee this year being hard in many ways, but there are some bright spots out on the horizon.  Hard because we will hit the mark that seemed so far away when we received C’s diagnosis.  His two year birthday.  All the doctors said we don’t know much now, he is too young.  At around 2 years old we will know more of what the future holds.  We have started discussing adaptive equipment with our therapists.  Seems so early, but we have to start getting prepared for C’s needs as he grows and gets much too big for all the “baby stuff.”  This means a special stroller, so C can be more easily integrated into his environment.  For example, playing with his peers at daycare.  It is kind of hard to interact if you are doing it from the floor staring at the ceiling, when those peers are off running around.  We will also hit our year anniversary of C’s diagnosis, that will probably be somewhat difficult from what I hear.  However, many other PMG families have told me the first year is the hardest.  So with that, maybe 2014 will also hold something more, something I don’t know yet.  Once that day passes, will it feel different and will we be better equipped to handle everything?  Who knows?  I guess we will know soon enough.

We are all ready for this winter to be done already.  With Spring, comes the hope of C not getting sick with every bug and virus.  C has been hit hard this winter, poor kid can’t catch a break.   After Spring, SUMMER!  C loves to swim, so hopefully we can partake in that activity as frequently as possible.  Then at the end of summer, C will be a cousin again.  Very exciting!  And we are planning a family trip (dogs included, oh my).  We have recently learned traveling by aeroplane is somewhat fraught with difficulties.  So we are planning our first ever car trip.   We have decided Lake Michigan holds the appeal of beaches, but not the long haul of an actual coastal beach.  This will be very interesting, this is neither Jeff’s nor my idea of ideal travel, but who knows we might decide to buy an RV next year.  AHHAHA, who am I kidding, that will NEVER happen.

So 2014, we will see.  Regardless, Jeff and I are very blessed to have each other and even more blessed to have Chamberlain as our son.  We will continue to give C every opportunity we possibly can.  And help him learn and help his brain create those pathways.