I spy with my eye.. Changes

We have had numerous changes within the last two months.

Our family grew from 3 to 5 quickly.  We welcomed, Sullivan, on 3/5.  He was 8lbs 7oz, 20 inches long.  Sullivan was quite a bit bigger than Chamberlain  Chamberlain is so in love with Sullivan.  He really enjoys watching him and giving kisses.  These two are going to be quite the pair as they grow up together.

We also welcomed, Isamara, to our home.  We call her Isa, sounds like Eza.  She is an au pair from Brazil.  Chamberlain just adores her.  She is incredible with both kids.  She plays and plays and plays with Chamberlain and Sullivan loves the snuggles.  She wants to improve her English skills while in the US, to have better job opportunities when she returns.

Chamberlain recently got glasses.  We thought he was the cutest before, but now… We are hoping these glasses will give him the best vision possible.



It has been super busy, we have been going going going.  Lots of follow up appointments this month, well actually all of our follow up appointment fell in this month.  I will be avoiding that the next time.  Way too much for all of us.  Chamberlain is gaining too much weight now on his new diet.  We had to make adjustments.  Sadly the seizures are not controlled yet, but hoping these adjustments will help.

We are embarking on transitioning into the school district from our Early Intervention Program.  This has been quite a learning for Jeff and I, and we aren’t even halfway through the process.  We will continue to advocate for Chamberlain to get him what he needs.


6 thoughts on “I spy with my eye.. Changes

  1. Jay Kelley says:

    Sounds like you and Jeff have an amazing handle on the whole situation. It is so great that Isa is turning out to be the excellent au paire that you hoped she would be. It is really cool that Chamberlain loves Sully. Love you all

  2. Sharon Franklin says:

    Thanks for the update. It’s so wonderful to hear of the love and interaction between the two little guys! Isa sounds like a God send, and adored by both Chamberlain and Sullivan. Hope the coming days prove helpful with the seizures and the glasses will help open the surrounding world to our precious Chamberlain!

  3. Susan Chamberlain says:

    Chamberlain is so handsome in his glasses!!!

  4. skenney5678 says:

    Congratulations! And welcome, Sullivan! 🙂 I’m so glad your family is doing well!

  5. Chris Baker says:

    What a handsome lil man in his glasses, love it!! I can’t wait to meet Mr. Sullivan!! As always…thank you for sharing!! SOOO glad to hear you guys have an au pair…what a great opportunity for you guys…and for her, too!!! Please give Jeff a hug for me & I hope to see you all soon for a “meet & greet” with Sullivan. 🙂



  6. jmille3 says:

    Those glasses are adorable!! He’s looking like such a little man!

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