Monthly Archives: May 2015

Walk this way

Chamberlain has been working very hard at his kid walk.  Take a look at the video, see link below.  He is walking about 10 ft, to a desire objected very purposefully.  It really makes our hearts happy to see him moving like this.

We have been working with our school district to provide Chamberlain with an awesome education.  We have not finalized everything yet, but once we do we will provide an update.  We are very happy with how the last meeting went and look forward to next year.  This process has required a lot of work.  We want the best possible education for Chamberlain.

The next task is getting a ramp for our home.  This will enable Chamberlain to get in and out of the house more easily.  With equipment and his weight gain it is much more difficult to get him in and out of the house.  Having a ramp will allow him to participate in outdoor events more easily within his community and get to school easier in the fall.